Project management

Project management services help organizations of all sizes keep their projects on track, ensuring timely completion, budget adherence, and achieving desired outcomes.

Project management 360

P&T Management, a global leader in project management, helps clients bring their visions to life by providing expertise and resources across the entire project lifecycle.

Business plan review

Have you done a business check up? Make time to review your progress and plan for success ahaid.

Treasury management

Treasury management entails management of an enterprise's financial holdings, focusing on the firm's liquidity, and mitigating its financial-, operational- and reputational risk.

Capital market lenders

Capital markets are used primarily to sell financial products such as equities and debt securities. Equities are stocks, which are ownership shares in a company

Consortium & EPC implementation

We assist departments and agencies in improving the project management efficiency and better team coordination.

P&T Management Corporation Canada Project Management Approach.

Wrangling complex projects with numerous teams, hefty budgets, and potentially groundbreaking technologies requires a specialized approach to project management. Unlike smaller projects, large endeavors thrive on a phased approach, where the project is broken down into manageable chunks for better control and adaptation. Effective communication and stakeholder management become paramount, as keeping everyone informed, aligned, and engaged is crucial for success.

That is where P&T Management brings the expertise.

Big project managers navigate a world of inherent risks. They employ robust risk management plans to identify potential roadblocks, develop contingency plans, and minimize negative impacts. Additionally, they leverage a whole arsenal of project management tools and techniques, from specialized software to advanced scheduling methods, to ensure these large-scale endeavors reach fruition. The successful completion of these complex projects can have a transformative impact, shaping businesses, industries, and even the world around us.

How it works

The process

Initiation & Planning

This is where the project is born. You define the project goals, scope (what will be delivered), identify stakeholders (everyone impacted), and create a detailed plan with timelines and resource allocation.

Execution & Monitoring

With the plan in hand, it's time for action! This phase involves leading the team, managing tasks, and ensuring everything progresses according to the plan. Monitoring progress, identifying and addressing issues, and keeping everyone informed are crucial here.

Control & Adjustment

Things rarely go exactly according to plan. This phase is about proactively managing risks, adapting to changes, and making adjustments as needed. Resource allocation might need tweaking, deadlines might shift, or the project scope might need refinement.

Closure & Evaluation

The project reaches its finish line! This step involves finalizing deliverables, documenting lessons learned, and evaluating the project's success against the initial goals. Celebrating achievements and sharing knowledge pave the way for future project wins.