Trade and financing

Trade finance helps navigate international deals by mitigating risks and ensuring smooth financial transactions between buyers and sellers.

P&T management corporation canada
**a** canadian financial trust

DLC & LC Leveragings

SBLC, LC, and DLC are all financial instruments used in international trade to provide payment security to the parties involved.

Trade of SBLCs & BGs

Bank Guarantees (BGs) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) are financial instruments typically used in international trade and other large scale, complex projects to ensure contractual obligations are met.

Government lending

P&T Management support governments on providing lending options to raise capitals.

Investment banking & Loans

Combining Asset-Liability Management Expertise With Portfolio Strategy & Asset Allocation.

We need a solar solution for a better future.

P&T MANAGEMENT CORPORATION CANADA provides private financial consulting services to
select clients who are raising funds through issuing of Corporate Debt instruments in addition to Corporate Finance Capital Markets Trading and Treasury Management on the public and private markets worldwide.

Our services are available to client corporations and partnerships that are looking to raise working capital in the public and private markets.

P&T MANAGEMENT CORPORATION CANADA provides a comprehensive service that is an end to end solution for raising Capital in financial markets through a well – established network of vendors, lenders and market participants in order to satisfy the capital needs of SME (Small
to Medium Sized Companies), Tier one to Tier 3 bank’s, Government with hight debt Ratio, private sector globally .The Mid Market is our primary focus of capital development from 20M
to 500M.